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La Casa del Zacahuil en Houston

Since 1993

If you are looking to be impressed by the size of the restaurant this is not the place to be. However, if you want to taste the real flavor of Authentic Mexican Food, come try us out!  Huasteca Mexican Grill is a humble family owned Restaurant offering delicious and traditional Mexican food from the Huasteca region of San Luis Potosi since 1993.

Antojitos Mexicanos

Eggs Rancheros

Served with salsa Huasteca on top, refried beans with crumbled cheese, crispy bacon and potatoes. Servidos con salsa, frijoles con queso Mexicano, tocino doradito y papas frescas

Chilaquiles con Chuleta

Diced corn tortilla dipped in red sauce topped with Mexican cheese & sour cream served with beans, two scrambled or sunny side eggs and pork chop

Desayuno Campestre

Huevos a la Mexicana, platano, frijoles, queso y crema. Eggs scrambled with tomatoes, jalapenos & onions w/beans, plantain, cheese & Salvadorean cream.

Gorditas Regulares

Filled with your choice of meat, beans and cheese. Rellenas de carne al gusto,  queso y frijoles.

$2.99 c/u


Crispy corn tortilla topped with your choice of meat, beans, lettuce, tomato, avocado, sour cream, cheese and jalapenos

$2.99 c/u


Topped with your choice of meat, beans, lettuce, tomato, avocado, sour cream, jalapenos and cheese

$2.99 c/u

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Exotic as its name, Zacahuil is known as the Largest Tamale of the world.

Served Fridays and Saturdays only


Uno de los platillos que identifica a Huasteca Mexican Grill Es el Zacahuil. Es Un platillo muy tradicional y es conocido como “El Tamal Más Grande del Mundo”. Huasteca Mexican Grill cuenta con una gran variedad de platillos como los Bocoles, Enchiladas Huastecas, Gorditas, Huaraches y otros auténticos y tradicionales platillos de La Huasteca a precios muy accesibles para que puedan disfrutar con toda la familia.

One of the dishes for which Huasteca Mexican Grill is known is the Zacahuil. It is a traditional dish from La Huasteca and it is known as “The Largest Tamale of the World.” Huasteca Mexican Grill also serves Bocoles, Enchiladas Huastecas, Gorditas, Huaraches and many more authentic and traditional Mexican dishes from La Huasteca at very reasonable prices so you can enjoy with all your family.


Good mexican food. They are always nice and the food is nice and spicy! We love the bocoles and gorditas. They also have tasty vegetarian options.

Nicole Ciccotti de Oseguera

Great food. Took my mom here for breakfast this morning had the porkchop with eggs and chilaquiles it was very good great flavor. The hot sauce and chips was fresh.why only 4 stars u ask, well the waitress only checked on us 1x and rather gossip with other waitresses instead. We werent the only people here and they had similar complaints..second time coming here if by the 3x its the same then that will be my only complaint. Paid 19.50 for 2 plates 2 drinks big breakfast plates.

rogelio guerrero

Mi esposa, hijo y un servidor pasamos un buen momento con música en vivo, excelente servicio y una comida deliciosa

Jay A Lopez

Great food. I recommend the Enchiladas Potosinas.

Large menu · Cheap eats · Cosy atmosphere · Great food · Child-friendly

Brent Jatko

Everything was so delicious the waitress was nice very clean place I would recommend it to everyone

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